endlos fesch

The Vienna fashion library

Location: Austria
Submitter: Karissima GmbH

Bleed X Zanier Outdoor Glove

A multifunctional outdoor glove closing the loop nearly 100%.

Location: Austria, Germany
Submitter: ZANIER Sport GmbH SOHO 2.0


Ethical swimwear collection for all who love design, water, and our planet!

Location: Germany
Submitter: MYMARINI GmbH


Handmade accessories out of organic cactus leather

Location: Mexico, United States
Submitter: CACTO LLC

Infinite One

The vegan modular sports shoe

Location: Germany
Submitter: Infinite Running GmbH


Individual clothing handmade in Austria

Location: Austria
Submitter: Ompura GmbH

Ecoalf - Upcycling the Oceans

Transforming marine debris into top quality yarn

Location: Greece, Italy, Spain, Thailand
Submitter: Ecoalf Recycled Fabrics, S.A.


Shoe fashion made from natural, tree-based materials

Location: Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Mali, Senegal, Uganda
Submitter: Umòja Shoes

Acticell Laser Booster

Environmentally friendly bleaching of jeans by boosting laser power

Location: Austria
Submitter: Acticell GmbH

ERDBÄR #Worldchanger

Sustainable fashion brand with a mission

Location: Austria
Submitter: Worldchanger GmbH & CoKG