ecop Rotation Heat Pump


An innovative "Rotation Heat Pump" for industrial use with a novel, multi-patented technology

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Project Dates
Start: 2007
In operation since/from: 2020

The Story

Process heat is responsible for 74% of energy consumption in industry. Since most of these processes use fossil fuels, they contribute heavily to greenhouse gas emissions, which is also an important cost factor. Heat pumps can be a solution. However, conventional heat pumps do not meet the requirements of the industry, especially in terms of temperature level (only up to 90°C possible), efficiency and flexibility, but also the use of environmentally harmful refrigerants. ecop, with a new technology and using a different physical process, has developed a heat pump that does not have these limitations. ecop's innovative Rotation Heat Pump with unique operating principle is the result of more than 15 years of research and development activity. It uses centrifugal force for maximum efficiency and a pure gaseous, climate-neutral working medium. The technology is protected by 68 patents. It has been certified and evaluated by external partners and integrated into research projects.

Success Factor | Hero Moment

Initially, experts doubted that this solution was technically feasible. Although the basic physical process had been developed more than 150 years ago, it could not be applied to heat pumps. In this respect, it was a special moment when, after years of research and development with trials and small test plants, the first large plant was commissioned at a customer's site and not only the technical "proof of concept" but also the concrete and economically viable implementation could be demonstrated. The use of one single unit can save 2.500 t of CO2 per year compared to heat produced by gas. The company plans to sell hundreds of units in the next years.

ecop Technologies GmbH, Austria

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