Project Collection


A mobile plug & play solar power plant and energy storage for remote, off-grid areas

Location: Mali, Niger
Submitter: Africa GreenTec AG

Mwenga Hydro & Rural Electrification

An integrated, renewable energy infrastructure project to supply rural households and businesses

Location: Tanzania
Submitter: Rift Valley Energy Ltd

Swimsol Solar Islands

The world's first sea floating solar system, designed for tropical islands and coastal regions

Location: Maldives
Submitter: Swimsol GmbH

Solar Cooling and Hot Water for Nicaragua's Largest Hospital

A lighthouse project for the promotion of solar cooling in Central America

Location: Nicaragua
Submitter: S.O.L.I.D. Gesellschaft für Solarinstallationen und Design mbH

Integral Energy Systems for Off-grid Households

A locally produced, innovative energy system, combining biomass, photovoltaics and "smart" technology

Location: Cambodia, Lesotho, Uganda
Submitter: African Clean Energy

Upgrading Municipal Water Infrastructure in South Africa

Promoting market-based deployment of clean energy technology solutions in municipal waterworks

Location: South Africa
Submitter: REEEP/UNIDO

Quinto Centenario Cycle Avenue

Supporting the mobility transformation in Bogotá

Location: Colombia
Submitter: C40 Cities Finance Facility

BOKU Carbon Fund

Combining carbon compensation with academic teaching and research

Location: Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Nepal, Uganda
Submitter: University of Natural Resources Vienna (BOKU)

Jugend Eine Welt Solar Program

Solar skills and environmental education for young people in Ethiopia and Uganda

Location: Ethiopia, Uganda
Submitter: Jugend Eine Welt - Don Bosco Aktion Österreich

Sustainability Package for Households

A holistic project to improve life quality of the rural population

Location: Ethiopia
Submitter: Vorarlberger Kraftwerke AG

Mumbai Solid Waste Treatment Plant

Waste management and new solutions for the Indian metropolis

Location: India
Submitter: Compost Systems GmbH

Virunga Mountain Gorilla Project

Improving living conditions and habits through efficient cooking stoves

Location: Rwanda
Submitter: Likano Project Development GmbH

Demo Composting Plant Oran

Combining zero waste with energy efficiency and capacity building

Location: Algeria
Submitter: R20 Regions of Climate Action

Waste-to-energy Hybrid Facility

A private sector contribution to sustainable solid waste management

Location: Philippines
Submitter: IUT GmbH - Innovation. Umwelt. Technologie

Intermediated Loans by the Development Bank of Austria

OeEB provides climate finance to financial intermediaries

Location: Georgia
Submitter: Oesterreichische Entwicklungsbank AG (OeEB)

Protecting Tajikistan’s Hydropower from Climate Risks

An innovative approach to incorporate climate change considerations into critical infrastructure investments

Location: Tajikistan
Submitter: Green Climate Fund


A clean successor to fossil fuels

Location: Ethiopia, Kenya
Submitter: NextFuel AB

WADI – Sustainable Water Disinfection

A climate project to provide safe water access and reduce CO2 emissions

Location: Bangladesh
Submitter: HELIOZ GmbH

Brigantes – Sail-powered Shipping

Restauration of a historic tall ship to be used for low-emission transportation of organic products

Location: Austria, Italy
Submitter: Sail-powered Shipping GmbH

The Green Lung of Uganda

A holistic reforestation project with the purpose of enhancing the resilience of forest adjacent communities

Location: Uganda
Submitter: Jane Goodall Institute

For Forest – The Voice for Trees

Attracting attention and creating solutions to challenge the climate crisis

Location: Austria
Submitter: For Forest Forever GmbH

The “Vienna Model”: 365 Days of Unlimited Public Mobility

Increasing the use of public transport by introducing an attractive pricing model

Location: Austria
Submitter: City of Vienna

1 Million Solar Roofs Initiative

A California clean energy milestone

Location: United States
Submitter: USC Schwarzenegger Institute for State and Global Policy

Sustainable Coffee from Agro-ecological Fincas

Hand-picked and sun-dried coffee beans directly purchased at fair prices from individual fincas, roasted and packed in Colombia

Location: Colombia
Submitter: Private project "nulldiebohne" by Natalie Weiß


Austria's largest governmental climate initiative

Location: Austria
Submitter: Management of klimaaktiv

Murau World of Wood Energy Camp

A conference format for people from business, politics and youth

Location: Austria
Submitter: Climate and Energy Model Region Holzwelt Murau

Chemical Leasing – Sustainable Use of Chemicals

A triple win business model where tonnage follows function

Location: Austria, Colombia, Egypt, El Salvador, Germany, Mexico, Morocco, Russia, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Switzerland
Submitter: Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK)

Augmentation of Mahiyanganaya Water Supply Project

Design and construction of a water treatment plant

Location: Sri Lanka
Submitter: MUT Maschinen-Umwelttechnik-Transportanlagen GmbH


Social Urban Mining: fair jobs in a Circular Economy

Location: Austria
Submitter: RepaNet – Re-use- and Repair Network Austria

Water Supply with Saltwater Batteries

Eco-friendly photovoltaics and saltwater batteries power the drinking water pumps for two villages in Togo

Location: Togo
Submitter: BlueSky Energy GmbH

Vertical Forest

The first prototype of building entirely covered with plants

Location: Italy
Submitter: Stefano Boeri Architetti

Stop Land Use Campaign

“Soilless makes breadless, futureless, unemployed...”

Location: Austria
Submitter: Österreichische Hagelversicherung VVaG

ERDBÄR #Worldchanger

Sustainable fashion brand with a mission

Location: Austria
Submitter: Worldchanger GmbH & CoKG

Sustainable House Refurbishment

Eco-efficient materials and renewable energy solutions

Location: Austria
Submitter: Private project by Bernhard Scharinger

Acticell Laser Booster

Environmentally friendly bleaching of jeans by boosting laser power

Location: Austria
Submitter: Acticell GmbH

Cool Earth

Working alongside rainforest communities to halt deforestation

Location: Brazil, Cambodia, Cameroon, Congo - Kinshasa, Ecuador, Mozambique, Papua New Guinea, Peru
Submitter: Cool Earth

Atmove – Biomethane Mobility for Brazil

Innovation for small and medium farmers using residuals from agriculture as fuel and fertilizer

Location: Brazil
Submitter: Spirit Design GmbH


Travel agency for climate-friendly long-distance journeys

Location: Austria
Submitter: Traivelling e.U.

The Human Face of Climate Change

A series of environmental portraits from around the world

Location: Switzerland
Submitter: Braschler/Fischer

“Energy Licence”

Additional qualification for young people in the field of energy saving and climate action

Location: Austria
Submitter: die umweltberatung

Energy Consultations for Households at Risk of Poverty

An initiative of the City of Vienna that is unique in Europe

Location: Austria
Submitter: City of Vienna

Drinking Water Power Plants

Vienna uses its spring water for environmentally save energy generation

Location: Austria
Submitter: City of Vienna

Climate and Energy Model Regions

An Austrian blueprint for a successful bottom-up approach in the field of climate change and energy

Location: Austria
Submitter: Climate and Energy Fund

ESG-linked Syndicated Credit Facilities

Loans that become cheaper the more sustainable the borrower performs

Location: Austria
Submitter: ING Austria

Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance

UN-backed initiative to drive portfolio companies to carbon neutrality by 2050

Submitter: Allianz SE

Climate Culture Pavilion

An installation that presents a future model for cooling urban spaces

Location: Austria
Submitter: Breathe Earth Collective

Mayors for Climate: Carbon Neutral 2050

Subnational initiative of the CC35, chaired by the Mayor of Santiago

Location: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Venezuela
Submitter: Ciudades Capitales de las Américas frente al Cambio Climático (CC35)

Sustainable Housing

Affordable housing combined with ecological building concepts

Location: Austria
Submitter: HALLMANN HOLDING International Investment GmbH

Braking Energy Recuperation for Subway Stations

Increasing energy efficiency in Vienna’s public transport system

Location: Austria
Submitter: Wiener Linien GmbH & Co KG


An opportunity for cities and citizens to co-create local ideas to shared climate challenges

Submitter: EIT Climate-KIC


Crowdinvesting platform for CO2 mitigation and adaption projects in developing countries

Location: Austria
Submitter: crowd4projects GmbH


Insects – Sustainable and future oriented protein source

Location: Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Netherlands
Submitter: ZIRP Insects GmbH

SIMA Fund for Off-grid Solar Power Solutions

Improving energy access in remote areas through financing for SMEs and microfinance institutions

Submitter: Oesterreichische Entwicklungsbank AG (OeEB)