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SolBid, conceived with the goal of promoting accessible clean energy, is transforming the methods businesses use to assess and obtain onsite solar energy assets. Founders and long-time friends Nate Raymond and Ian Ricci discerned that the resourceintensive and lengthy process of designing and acquiring solar energy systems, taking several months, was a barrier to rapid solar energy adoption by businesses, posing a considerable challenge for companies aiming for net zero emissions.

Leveraging Nate's experience in strategic business advisory and Ian's proficiency in software engineering, they forged an ideal partnership to tackle this issue. Together, they developed a smart solar software platform that simplifies the previously complex, time-intensive, and costly solar project development process into a fast, streamlined, and easily manageable process that can be completed within minutes.

With SolBid, companies can launch and evaluate projects with a mere click. SolBid's integrated network of engineering, product, finance, and contractors ensures a smooth, comprehensive process from start to finish, drastically reducing project expenses and timeline. This enables organizations to conveniently deploy solar energy across their complete property portfolios.

Success Factor | Hero Moment

In early 2023, SolBid introduced an expanded national version of its platform, swiftly attracting major global corporations. This pioneering approach is reshaping business perspectives on solar energy, democratizing solar development, and making a significant impact on global sustainability endeavors. SolBid's journey and perseverance highlight its unique position in the energy industry.

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Energy Efficiency, Photovoltaics

Terminated Emissions
6.629 tons CO2e per year

Comparable to the annual CO2 absorption of
53.032 trees

Hard Facts
13 MWh renewable energy produced per year