The Human Face of Climate Change

Climate Communication

A series of environmental portraits from around the world

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Project Volume
10.000-100.000 EUR

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In-Kind Contributions, Public Revenues, Other

Project Dates
Start: 2008
In operation since/from: 2010

The Story

The climate of our planet is changing. While experts are debating how much warmer it will be in the future, many people are already feeling the effects of climate change in their everyday lives.

In 2009, the Swiss photographers Mathias Braschler and Monika Fischer traveled all over the world to meet the people that are living on the frontline of a warming world. They visited 18 countries across all continents (except Antarctica) to photograph and interview people that are struggling with the effects of a changing climate.

Success Factor | Hero Moment

Seeing portraits of people from around the world and hearing in their own words how they have been affected, has a very powerful effect. Their experiences give climate change a human face and enable people that are less affected so far, to relate to them.

Braschler/Fischer, Switzerland

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Global Humanitarian Forum

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