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Ethical swimwear collection for all who love design, water, and our planet!

Project Facts


Project Dates
Start: 2013
In operation since/from: 2013

The Story

Mareen, the founder of MYMARINI, believed in designing timeless, functional, and sustainable swimwear for women to feel beautiful and empowered while wearing it. Right from the start, a transparent production with high social standards along the supply chain, and high-quality fabrics, were a prerequisite. In the beginning, in 2013, the low purchase quantities of fabrics did not allow to produce the designs with regenerated nylon.

By now, the designs of the primary swimwear collection are using a fabric containing 82% regenerated nylon from fisher nets and other nylon wastes. It´s part of MYMARINI’s future vision to offer swimwear designs that are water neutral. That is why the company works on a strategy in collaboration with a local organization to compensate for the water footprint related to the swimwear production. With the Water is Love campaign, MYMARINI goes one step further. The campaign introduces inspiring people, provides inspiration for everyday life and offers food for thought about water beyond the fashion industry.

Success Factor | Hero Moment

A decisive moment for the company was in 2019 when the purchase quantities were reached to produce the main swimwear collection entirely with fabrics containing regenerated nylon. The latest achievement was the first step of the mission to produce water-neutral swimwear. It is a long-term project, but with the first 165 trees planted in 2020, 33.000 liter additional groundwater are generated annually. With an upgrade to 1000 trees in 2021, this amount reached 200.000 liters per year.


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