Circular Economy

Bleed X Zanier Outdoor Glove

A multifunctional outdoor glove closing the loop nearly 100%.

Location: Austria, Germany
Submitter: ZANIER Sport GmbH SOHO 2.0

Cradle to Cradle

Accelerating educational and networking activities

Location: Austria
Submitter: C2C NGO


Ethical swimwear collection for all who love design, water, and our planet!

Location: Germany
Submitter: MYMARINI GmbH

Products from aquatic plants

Biorefinery concept utilizing rapidly growing macrophytes in urban areas

Location: Austria
Submitter: University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna

Infinite One

The vegan modular sports shoe

Location: Germany
Submitter: Infinite Running GmbH


Sustainable housing project with decentralized water recycling

Location: Netherlands
Submitter: Hydraloop Systems


Cleaning rivers by upcycling floral waste

Location: India

Ecoalf - Upcycling the Oceans

Transforming marine debris into top quality yarn

Location: Greece, Italy, Spain, Thailand
Submitter: Ecoalf Recycled Fabrics, S.A.


Resource recovery program for regenerative, local agriculture and climate protection

Location: United States
Submitter: Recology, San Francisco's resource recovery company


Ecological, patented raw material for the retail, paper and packaging industry

Location: Germany
Submitter: creapaper GmbH, Germany

The Great Bubble Barrier

A smart solution to plastic pollution in rivers

Location: Netherlands
Submitter: The Great Bubble Barrier

Compuritas – Sustainable IT

Refurbished IT solutions for schools

Location: Austria
Submitter: Compuritas GmbH


Nature-based solutions and circular economy business models enabling land rehabilitation

Location: Greece
Submitter: alchemia-nova GmbH

WWF-Mondi Water Stewardship Partnership

Responsibly managed forestry plantations contributing to wetland conservation

Location: South Africa
Submitter: WWF - New Generation Plantations

Chemical Leasing – Sustainable Use of Chemicals

A triple win business model where tonnage follows function

Location: Austria, Colombia, Egypt, El Salvador, Germany, Mexico, Morocco, Russia, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Switzerland
Submitter: Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK)


Social Urban Mining: fair jobs in a Circular Economy

Location: Austria
Submitter: RepaNet – Re-use- and Repair Network Austria


A clean successor to fossil fuels

Location: Ethiopia, Kenya
Submitter: NextFuel AB

Demo Composting Plant Oran

Combining zero waste with energy efficiency and capacity building

Location: Algeria
Submitter: R20 Regions of Climate Action

Mumbai Solid Waste Treatment Plant

Waste management and new solutions for the Indian metropolis

Location: India
Submitter: Compost Systems GmbH