Circular Economy Food

Turning surplus fruit and vegetables into delicious products such as jam, syrup, chutneys & sauces

Project Facts


Applied Financing Solutions
Grants, Crowdfunding

Project Dates
Start: 2015
In operation since/from: 2024

The Story

Unverschwendet (translates to unwasted) was founded 2016 in Vienna by siblings Cornelia and Andreas Diesenreiter. They produce delicacies made from surplus fruits and vegetables which they buy from local farmers in order to prevent unnecessary food waste in agriculture. The vision of Unverschwendet is to create a sustainable impact in food waste prevention:

  • Ecological – by utilising as much surplus as possible and keeping it in the value chain
  • Social – by supporting local farmers, strengthening Austrian agriculture and raising awareness among the general public
  • Economical – based on a functional and scalable business model

Their aim is to save as as much fruit and vegetables as possible.

Success Factor | Hero Moment

In 2022 Unverschwendet, in cooperation with the Austrian retailer HOFER KG, sucessfully launched the brand "Rettenswert". The HOFER own brand Rettenswert is a collaboration between HOFER KG and Rettenswert - rescued food GmbH with the aim of saving thousands of tons of valuable food and offering them to HOFER consumers in a sustainable and appealing product portfolio.
The official start of the collaboration was on April 4, 2022, and the nationwide launch in all HOFER stores was at the first advertising event on October 21, 2022.

Unverschwendet, Austria

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