Kern Tec

Circular Economy

Upcycling fruit pits to food ingredients for alternative dairy application

Project Facts


Project Volume
10-25 Mio. EUR

Applied Financing Solutions
Grants, Private Equity, Blended Finance, Guarantees, Public Revenues

Project Dates
Start: 2019
In operation since/from: 2024

The Story

Kern Tec has developed technologies and a unique supply chain to turn currently unused stone fruit pits from apricot, cherry and plum. At this point large fruit processing companies have no use for their fruit pits and discard them. The seeds, however, have a huge potential as they contain healthy fats and proteins and are very similar to nuts. Due to the upcycling they have a much smaller footprint than any other food ingredient and offer a great opportunity for new, sustainable dairy alternatives.

Success Factor | Hero Moment

Cyanide is non edible substance which is contained in many fruit seeds. Developing a prototype of the technology for extracting cyanide was Kern Tec's hero moment.

Kern Tec, Austria

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Food, Zero Waste

Terminated Emissions
400 tons CO2e per year

Comparable to the annual CO2 absorption of
3.200 trees

Hard Facts
€ 500.000 Annual cost savings per year