Demo Composting Plant Oran

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Combining zero waste with energy efficiency and capacity building

Project Facts


Project Volume
100.000-500.000 EUR

Applied Financing Solutions
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Project Dates
Start: 2013
In operation since/from: 2015

The Story

Since 2015, the demo version of a composting plant in Oran has been collecting, controlling and sorting waste. The technical approach of the project is intended to serve as a model for waste management and valorization in the entire region.

In addition to massively relieving nature by covering all waste streams into controlled landfills, organic materials are separated in the plant and fed into composting. After a further pre-selection of the waste and a hygiene process, it is stored and air-dried for possible recycling.

A coordinated and close cooperation with the local authority has been implemented and a monitoring platform on IT basis is used to continuously display the progress of the project. Furthermore, a capacity building and training program is coordinated in close cooperation with the relevant local authorities and partners. The project shows how sustainable success stories can be written thanks to targeted knowledge transfer.

Success Factor | Hero Moment

Local value creation and cooperation from the very beginning was most important for decisionmakers and local stakeholders to put the project on its feet. A permanent local based partner, that keeps pushing while you are not present was key to realize the demo composting plant and set the basis for replication in other regions.

R20 Regions of Climate Action, Switzerland

Other Involved Stakeholders
Compost Systems GmbH

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Biomass, Waste Treatment

Terminated Emissions
7.500 tons CO2e per year

Comparable to the annual CO2 absorption of
60.000 trees