Pollution & Health

REEDuce - Noise Protection Technologies

Ecological noise barriers made of reed, thermally treated wood, and clay

Location: Austria
Submitter: REEDuce - Noise Protection Technologies

Green Sentinel

From waste to recyclables with the RSR process

Location: Austria
Submitter: Green Sentinel GmbH

Clean Air for African Cities, With the Help of AI

Development of an AI system in Africa that uses real-time data from low-cost, dynamic sensors to predict local pollution levels

Location: Uganda
Submitter: Google.org

Air pollution, the silent killer

Official cause of death for the first time in UK

Location: United Kingdom
Submitter: Ella Roberta Family Foundation


Cleaning rivers by upcycling floral waste

Location: India

Ecoalf - Upcycling the Oceans

Transforming marine debris into top quality yarn

Location: Greece, Italy, Spain, Thailand
Submitter: Ecoalf Recycled Fabrics, S.A.

The Great Bubble Barrier

A smart solution to plastic pollution in rivers

Location: Netherlands
Submitter: The Great Bubble Barrier

Scientifically Optimized Cooking Stoves

Taking pressure from forests by substituting charcoal with agricultural residues

Location: Uganda
Submitter: proPellets Austria


Providing affordable, safe drinking water to rural communities

Location: Gambia
Submitter: BWT – Best Water Technology

Acticell Laser Booster

Environmentally friendly bleaching of jeans by boosting laser power

Location: Austria
Submitter: Acticell GmbH

Water Supply with Saltwater Batteries

Eco-friendly photovoltaics and saltwater batteries power the drinking water pumps for two villages in Togo

Location: Togo
Submitter: BlueSky Energy GmbH

Augmentation of Mahiyanganaya Water Supply Project

Design and construction of a water treatment plant

Location: Sri Lanka
Submitter: MUT Maschinen-Umwelttechnik-Transportanlagen GmbH


Insects – Sustainable and future oriented protein source

Location: Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Netherlands
Submitter: ZIRP Insects GmbH

WADI – Sustainable Water Disinfection

A climate project to provide safe water access and reduce CO2 emissions

Location: Bangladesh
Submitter: HELIOZ GmbH

Demo Composting Plant Oran

Combining zero waste with energy efficiency and capacity building

Location: Algeria
Submitter: R20 Regions of Climate Action

Waste-to-energy Hybrid Facility

A private sector contribution to sustainable solid waste management

Location: Philippines
Submitter: IUT GmbH - Innovation. Umwelt. Technologie

Mumbai Solid Waste Treatment Plant

Waste management and new solutions for the Indian metropolis

Location: India
Submitter: Compost Systems GmbH

Virunga Mountain Gorilla Project

Improving living conditions and habits through efficient cooking stoves

Location: Rwanda
Submitter: Likano Project Development GmbH

Sustainability Package for Households

A holistic project to improve life quality of the rural population

Location: Ethiopia
Submitter: Vorarlberger Kraftwerke AG

Upgrading Municipal Water Infrastructure in South Africa

Promoting market-based deployment of clean energy technology solutions in municipal waterworks

Location: South Africa
Submitter: REEEP/UNIDO

Integral Energy Systems for Off-grid Households

A locally produced, innovative energy system, combining biomass, photovoltaics and "smart" technology

Location: Cambodia, Lesotho, Uganda
Submitter: African Clean Energy