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Ecological noise barriers made of reed, thermally treated wood, and clay

Project Facts


Project Volume
1-5 Mio. EUR

Applied Financing Solutions
Grants, Private Equity

Project Dates
Start: 2021

The Story

Noise pollution is a severe environmental issue nowadays. In Europe, every fifth European is affected by constantly high noise levels, which can cause stress and illnesses (e.g., cardiovascular diseases). Particularly along busy roads, railways, airports and production sites, residents are often impaired in living healthy lives. To protect neighborhoods from noise, it is necessary to build
noise barrier walls. While conventional noise barriers protect against noise, they contributed to other environmental issues such as climate change or environmental pollution and create hazardous waste at the end of their lifetime.

REEDuce offers the first ecological noise barrier technology, based on the materials reed, thermally treated wood and clay. Whileeffectively protecting against noise, the REEDuce noise barrier wall offers even more benefits:

  • serves as a carbon sink and, thus, mitigates climate change
  • is made primarily of renewable and locally sourced raw materials (incl. reed from Lake Neusiedl)
  • is built in line with the circular economy, without producing hazardous waste at the end of its lifetime
  • improves air quality by absorbing airborne particulate matter
  • serves as an insect hotel, therefore increases biodiversity

Success Factor | Hero Moment

The team at REEDuce has developed and patented an ecological noise barrier that was first introduced almost 15 years ago within an EU research project. The pilot line that was then realized has provided very promising results, encouraging the team to further advance and improve the underlying technology. Since then, they have received many requests from both private as well as public institutions, interested in building sustainable noise protection barriers – a positive and important reassurance that REEDuce is on the right track and that ecologically sound noise protection is here to stay!

REEDuce - Noise Protection Technologies, Austria

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