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Social Urban Mining: fair jobs in a Circular Economy

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Applied Financing Solutions
Grants, Performance Contracting

Project Dates
Start: 2016
In operation since/from: 2017

The Story

BauKarussell has set itself the goal of combining the re-use of components and recycling management in large-volume objects with integrative employment. BauKarussell is the first Austrian service provider for social urban mining and professionally accompanies building owners through the planning and implementation of deconstruction. Starting from Austria and especially Vienna, BauKarussell supports the development of a construction industry which brings the principles of resource management to an intelligent implementation in the construction sector.

The business model was tested starting 2017 in several larger deconstruction and construction projects in Vienna (former Coca Cola factory, “Glaspalast” (former IT-Center of the City of Vienna)). Between October 2019 and autumn 2020, BauKarussell carried out deconstruction work in Vienna on behalf of Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft mbH (BIG): Social Urban Mining is being implemented at the site where the new Medical University campus Mariannengasse will be built until 2025. By involving social economy business partners, fair jobs for people with difficulties on the labour market are provided.

BauKarussell addresses building owners and institutions involved in the planning and implementation of re-use- und recycling-oriented construction projects.

Success Factor | Hero Moment

Innovative concepts need strong partners to be brought to life. BauKarussell’s persistent efforts to realize a sustainable and fair circular economy in the construction sector were considerably boosted by the start of the cooperation with Austria’s biggest real estate owner Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft mbH (BIG) in October 2019. A significant lever on our road to a circular future was the decision of BIG to realize Social Urban Mining within the deconstruction activities at the site of the new medical university campus MedUni Campus Mariannengasse in Vienna.

RepaNet – Re-use- and Repair Network Austria, Austria

Other Involved Stakeholders
pulswerk GmbH, architect Thomas Romm ZT; project partners: Demontage- und Recyclingzentrum DRZ, Caritas SÖB (Wien)

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Hard Facts
25 people are benefitting directly