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Start: 2020
In operation since/from: 2023

The Story

The aim of the C2C group in Vienna is to accelerate the cradle-to-cradle principle in Austria. Have you heard of cradle to cradle before? It is a concept dealing with healthy products and circular economy, where human act as useful creatures designing products that are healthy for human and environment. Old products are becoming valuable resources for new products – without the risk of health issues of current waste. Cradle to cradle products are designed according to the usage scenario either as consumables or durable goods, which can circulate in the biological or the technical cycle. This means that the materials in the biological cycle must be separable from materials, which belong to the technical cycle in the end-of-life scenario or the materials cannot be combined.

The principle was developed by Michael Braungart and William McDonough and published in a book almost 20 years ago.The number of cradle-to-cradle companies in Austria is below 20 and the vision of C2C Austria is to make cradle to cradle in Austria common knowledge, so that everyone knows what cradle to cradle means and why it is important. Therefore, educational and networking activities will be organized.

Success Factor | Hero Moment

Directly after the inception of the cradle-to-cradle group in Vienna, they had requests from different organizations for collaborations, which strengthen their vision of establishing a cradle-to-cradle community in Austria and gives extra motivation. The resources as voluntary work is the limiting factor and they are always looking for new members who want to pursuing the journey of positive human acting together with C2C Austria.

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1.000 people are benefitting directly