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Virtual meetings with Indonesian families to install lifesaving sanitation and running water

Project Facts

Bintan Island

Applied Financing Solutions
Grants, Crowdfunding, Public-Private Partnership, Public Revenues, Private Donations, Other

Project Dates
Start: 2000
In operation since/from: 2000

The Story

After back-packing for a year and falling in love with Indonesia, two teachers (Marc van Loo and Isabelle Lacoste) started a resort in Indonesia in the year 2000. Manned by authentic local people, they suggested combining their names to LooLa, which is the name of a lovely local seashell as well. The local staff proved they could deliver: in 2015 LooLa was crowned world #1 Eco resort.

Shortly after they started to install UNICEF-designed sanitation systems in village homes and village schools together with guests. With universities, they cost-optimized the UNICEF model and the result, the Safe Water Garden (SWG) was recognized late 2019 as part of the national sanitation standards, making the SWG officially the world's most cost-efficient sanitation solution!

During COVID, they are offering guests the opportunity to install such systems in village homes over highly interactive and engaging Zoom sessions. Such installations can be completed in half a day.

Success Factor | Hero Moment

The success comes from establishing the deep human connection. LooLa connecting guests to a single family in Indonesia. They are providing smartphones to the local people to allow everyone to stay in touch and sustain the contact. The guests will get to know the family really well. The guests can also learn what UN SDG 6 (water and sanitation) means for Indonesian village families. It brings such a magnificent change to their lives and to witness it together over the Zoom, that is what brings this project to life.

LooLa Adventure Group Pte Ltd, Singapore

Other Involved Stakeholders
Safe Water Gardens (SWG) Pte Lt

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