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Organic hydrogel for plants

Project Facts


Project Volume
1-5 Mio. EUR

Applied Financing Solutions
Grants, Private Equity, Crowdfunding, In-Kind Contributions, Private Donations

Project Dates
Start: 2018
In operation since/from: 2018

The Story

Polyter was invented and developed to assist plants in the fight versus drought. Polyter is storing water and therein drained nutrition and acts as water and nutrition depot to provide the water and nutrition back to the plants whenever needed. Polyter stores up to 300 times of its own weight. Its function can be compared to a sponge.

In contrast to traditionell hydrogels which are synthetic, Polyter is organic based. It acts 3-5 years in the soil and is fully biodegradable. It helps plants grow in drought conditions while combating poverty in regions where water is scarce.

Success Factor | Hero Moment

The first major step was the market entry 2018 in Austria and starting to build strong relationships with the authorities ( BOKU, AGES, Weinbauschule Klosterneuburg). Next milestone was the homologization for the European market in 2020. Market entry in Germany was made in 2020.

Green Legacy GmbH, Austria

Other Involved Stakeholders
Pronovum GmbH

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