Forests & Biodiversity

Ecopost, Sustainable Living

Stopping plastic leakage into the environment to drive circular economy and support marginalized communities in Kenya

Location: Kenya
Submitter: Ecopost, Sustainable Living


Reforestation to restore ecosystems, improve livelihoods, and act against climate change

Location: Nicaragua
Submitter: Aprodein

Status improvement of Klátovské rameno wetland

Restoration of degraded wetland ecosystems

Location: Slovakia
Submitter: NGO Zelené dedičstvo - Zöld örökség (Green Legacy)


Organic hydrogel for plants

Location: Austria
Submitter: Green Legacy GmbH

Forest of the future - growing to cope with climate change

Transforming forests into climate-friendly, species-rich mixed forests by 2100

Location: Austria
Submitter: Austrian Federal Forests

Niko Ketskhoveli Prize

A school competition raising young people’s awareness on forest ecosystems and spurring environmental activism

Location: Georgia
Submitter: Caucasus Environmental NGO Network (CENN)

Zero Carbon Resorts

Towards sustainable development of the tourism sector in the Philippines and Thailand

Location: Philippines, Thailand
Submitter: Center for Appropriate Technology (GrAT)

Land Degradation Neutrality Fund

Catalyzing private capital for sustainable land management and restoration projects

Location: Bhutan, Peru
Submitter: Mirova Asset Management

Community-based Sustainable Forest Management

Re-cultivation of community forests, know-how transfer and improved vocational education

Location: Albania
Submitter: Lenzing AG

Scientifically Optimized Cooking Stoves

Taking pressure from forests by substituting charcoal with agricultural residues

Location: Uganda
Submitter: proPellets Austria

Rio Negro Partnership

Political, financial and in-kind support for indigenous peoples protecting the rain forest

Location: Brazil
Submitter: Klimabündnis Österreich

Bamboo Sports Hall at Panyaden International School

Promoting forest- and climate-friendly architecture by combining traditional construction materials with contemporary design and engineering

Location: Thailand
Submitter: Chiangmai Life Architects & Construction


Shoe fashion made from natural, tree-based materials

Location: Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Mali, Senegal, Uganda
Submitter: Umòja Shoes


The search engine that plants trees

Location: Madagascar
Submitter: Ecosia GmbH

WWF-Mondi Water Stewardship Partnership

Responsibly managed forestry plantations contributing to wetland conservation

Location: South Africa
Submitter: WWF - New Generation Plantations

Coffee for Future

Fair-trade coffee from small-scale organic producers contributing to forest and climate protection

Location: Mexico, Uganda
Submitter: EZA Fairer Handel GmbH


Private nature reserves contributing to the public cause by conserving, protecting and restoring their local environments

Location: Nicaragua
Submitter: Cámara de Conservación Ecológica de Nicaragua (Cámara Red-RSP)

Reforestation of the Ethiopian Highlands

Science-based pilot project to establish both species-diverse habitats and sustainable income sources

Location: Ethiopia
Submitter: University of Natural Resources Vienna (BOKU) - Institute of Forest Ecology

Firewood Assessment of Georgia’s Forests

Enabling forestry reforms through data generation and awareness raising

Location: Georgia
Submitter: Caucasus Environmental NGO Network (CENN)

Rainforest Connection

Re-using old cellphones as monitoring devices to stop illegal logging

Location: Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Philippines, South Africa
Submitter: Rainforest Connection

For Forest – The Voice for Trees

Attracting attention and creating solutions to challenge the climate crisis

Location: Austria
Submitter: For Forest Forever GmbH

Climate Culture Pavilion

An installation that presents a future model for cooling urban spaces

Location: Austria
Submitter: Breathe Earth Collective

Cool Earth

Working alongside rainforest communities to halt deforestation

Location: Brazil, Cambodia, Cameroon, Congo - Kinshasa, Ecuador, Mozambique, Papua New Guinea, Peru
Submitter: Cool Earth

ERDBÄR #Worldchanger

Sustainable fashion brand with a mission

Location: Austria
Submitter: Worldchanger GmbH & CoKG

Stop Land Use Campaign

“Soilless makes breadless, futureless, unemployed...”

Location: Austria
Submitter: Österreichische Hagelversicherung VVaG

Vertical Forest

The first prototype of building entirely covered with plants

Location: Italy
Submitter: Stefano Boeri Architetti

Atmove – Biomethane Mobility for Brazil

Innovation for small and medium farmers using residuals from agriculture as fuel and fertilizer

Location: Brazil
Submitter: Spirit Design GmbH

Sustainable Coffee from Agro-ecological Fincas

Hand-picked and sun-dried coffee beans directly purchased at fair prices from individual fincas, roasted and packed in Colombia

Location: Colombia
Submitter: Private project "nulldiebohne" by Natalie Weiß

The Green Lung of Uganda

A holistic reforestation project with the purpose of enhancing the resilience of forest adjacent communities

Location: Uganda
Submitter: Jane Goodall Institute


A clean successor to fossil fuels

Location: Ethiopia, Kenya
Submitter: NextFuel AB

Virunga Mountain Gorilla Project

Improving living conditions and habits through efficient cooking stoves

Location: Rwanda
Submitter: Likano Project Development GmbH

Sustainability Package for Households

A holistic project to improve life quality of the rural population

Location: Ethiopia
Submitter: Vorarlberger Kraftwerke AG

BOKU Carbon Fund

Combining carbon compensation with academic teaching and research

Location: Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Nepal, Uganda
Submitter: University of Natural Resources Vienna (BOKU)