ERDBÄR #Worldchanger

Climate Communication Forests & Biodiversity Fashion

Sustainable fashion brand with a mission

Project Facts


Applied Financing Solutions
Private Equity, Crowdfunding

Project Dates
Start: 2013
In operation since/from: 2014

The Story

ERDBÄR is a young company from the city of Salzburg, Austria, and joined up years ago with the goal of establishing an ecologically sustainable fashion brand.

The fashion industry is the second dirtiest polluter on our planet and has a massive impact on the climate. ERDBÄR’s vision is to offer a solution in which everybody can take part and change this together as a community. The slogan #Worldchanger shall be a symbol for hope.

The clothes are manufactured in Europe under safe, clean and fair conditions by well-known business partners. By producing close to Austria, ERDBÄR has a short and transparent production chain. The textiles are made from Austrian beechwood fibre, so that they are of high quality and can be fully recycled.

Another innovative power of this project is to create visibility for the environment and climate protection by displaying slogans like “Stand for Values”, “Wake up“, “Act“ on the textiles.

Success Factor | Hero Moment

ERDBÄR has always wanted to put sustainability in the spotlight. Its central success factor is that the ERDBÄR team is 100% convinced to make the world better which creates a USP but also a special spirit. Moreover, ERDBÄR designs locally, they have local shops and work with local partner companies on their own collections. This secures jobs and pays wages in Austria. Due to the corona crisis, they changed the production to sustainable breathing masks which are distributed to local partners.

Worldchanger GmbH & CoKG, Austria

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Awareness Raising, Biobased Solution, Fashion

Terminated Emissions
500 tons CO2e per year

Comparable to the annual CO2 absorption of
4.000 trees