The mobile, emission-free generator

Project Facts

Germany, Switzerland, Austria

Project Volume
1-5 Mio. EUR

Applied Financing Solutions
In-Kind Contributions

Project Dates
Start: 2022
In operation since/from: 2023

The Story

The mobile power supply in areas without access to convetional power grid, e.g. on construction sites, at outdoor events or as a mobile emergency power supply is nowadays mostly ensured by diesel generators. Each of these generators produces 20-45 tons of CO2 per year, generates enormous noise pollution and damages the health of everyone in its vicinity through the emission of nitrogen oxides. The transition to a new technology is therefore urgently needed. However, the market has so far hardly provided any competitive alternatives.

The companies Testfuchs GmbH, Auto AG and SFC Energy AG have recognized this problem and combined their expertise to design a mobile, hydrogen-powered electricity generator - leading to the project "H2Genset". The result is a machine that runs at low volume under maximum load and produces water as its only "waste product". Apart from that, the generator's performance is more than competitive compared to diesel units and costly maintenance work is almost completely eliminated.

Success Factor | Hero Moment

In April 2022 the first technology demonstrator was completed after intensive work. Already on the following day, the aggregate was transported to a construction site of an interested party located in Vienna and put into operation there. The recorded data and the collected feedback were a great success.

The H2Genset demonstrator easily and continuously supplied green energy to both the construction site equipment and a container city of the contractor. The interest and feedback from the customer and from countless passers-by was outstanding. This was a crucial step in turning the initial dream into reality.

TEST-FUCHS GmbH, Austria

Other Involved Stakeholders
Auto AG Group; SFC Energy AG

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Energy Efficiency

Terminated Emissions
20 tons CO2e per year

Comparable to the annual CO2 absorption of
160 trees

Hard Facts
€ 1 Annual cost savings per year