Energy Cities & Regions

A mobile plug & play solar power plant and energy storage for remote, off-grid areas

Project Facts

Mali, Niger
50 villages in Southern Mali and Niger

Project Volume
5-10 Mio. EUR

Applied Financing Solutions
Grants, Private Equity, Crowdfunding, Green Bonds

Project Dates
Start: 2014
In operation since/from: 2017

The Story

In 2014, the German-Malian couple Torsten and Aida Schreiber founded Africa GreenTec with the vision to provide one of the most impactful, eco-driven, renewable, de-centralized energy, water and communications solutions for the Global South. The company developed a compact photovoltaic and energy storage system that fits into a standard 40-foot ISO container: The so-called Solartainer comprises 144 solar panels, inverters, storage units, satellite internet as well as other, optional equipment such as air-condition or a water treatment system. Each unit with a power output of up to 50 kWp and a standard battery capacity of 60 kWh is capable of providing electricity for up to 4,000 people, 40 commercial customers and 10 communal facilities. Due to a life expectancy of more than 20 years and its mobile, modular design, the system is equally suited for temporary transitional uses and as a long-term power source in areas without grid connection. The provided clean power substitutes CO2 intensive and expensive diesel generators and traditional cooking methods contributing to deforestation and respiratory diseases.

Success Factor | Hero Moment

A central success factor for the project lies in its conception as a compact and mobile energy solution which allows it to be moved easily in the case of a changed infrastructure or security situation on site. This specific feature reduced the project risks and convinced impact investors to invest in the company’s vision. A real hero moment for the start-up company was the successful funding of the first Solartainer via debt crowdfunding within only three days.

Africa GreenTec AG, Germany

Other Involved Stakeholders
Africa GreenTec Électrification Rurale S.A.R.L.

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Innovation, Photovoltaics, Energy Storage, Off-grid Solution, DEG

Hard Facts
200.000 people are benefitting directly