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Gustl - the plant-based Leverkas

Project Facts


Project Volume
10.000-100.000 EUR

Applied Financing Solutions
Private Equity

Project Dates
Start: 2021
In operation since/from: 2022

The Story

Leberkäse, Schnitzl or minced meat: The Pflanzerei develops, markets and sells plant-based meat and sausage classics, which are part of the Austrian food culture. By processing ingredients from the region, promoting a domestic value chain and environmentally friendly production by a butcher, the products reduce their CO2 footprint by up to 89 percent compared to animal-based options. The products are fresh products that are sold by the piece in the refrigerated section as well as over the deli counter as a further option to the animal-based Leberkäse - a revolution, since this had not existed in retail so far.
The main target group are people who (want to) reduce their meat consumption. Due to the negative image, which is connected with the term "vegan" is connected and the "anonymity" of the products (origin, supply chain, ingredients such as E-number) many are hesitant to try the vegetable meat options.

The Pflanzerei wants to create transparency and build trust in that regard. We communicate how plant-based meat products are produced and processed and what they are made of. This creates more consumer awareness, which not only leads to more sales, but also raises the standards and quality of the products.

Success Factor | Hero Moment

One of die Pflanzerei's success factors is still its first product: Gustl - the plant-based Leverkas, which has been offered at the hot counter of selected Billa Plus stores since September 2022. Gustl is therefore the first vegetable Leverkas, which one can find in the meat-dominated hot counters at supermarkets.

Die Pflanzerei, Austria

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