Jugend Eine Welt Solar Program

Energy Education & Capacity Building

Solar skills and environmental education for young people in Ethiopia and Uganda

Project Facts

Ethiopia, Uganda
Adwa, Addis Ababa, Dilla, Gambella; Palabek, Kamuli, Bombo

Project Volume
1-5 Mio. EUR

Applied Financing Solutions

Project Dates
Start: 2016 | End: 2022
In operation since/from: 2016

The Story

This project, supported by the Austrian Development Agency, sets up solar workshops and pilot plants, and trains local teaching staff in solar technology/photovoltaics. Being in its second phase of implementation (2019-2022), at present the solar skills training takes place in 6 technical schools in Ethiopia and 3 technical schools in Uganda as short courses and as part of a 2- or 3-year electrical engineering training. The aim is to capacitate young people to install and maintain decentral, solar electricity supply systems for homes, water pumps etc., thereby contributing to a climate-resilient development in their country.

Among the participating institutions are “Bosco Children” in Addis Ababa, a facility caring for 130 former street children, and a technical school in the Palabek refugee settlement in Uganda. This is the only institution to provide technical skills for more than 30,000 refugees from South Sudan and the host communities.

Another important component of the program is environmental education, which is rolled out with specially developed topics and methods in the form of “Green Clubs” at elementary and secondary schools. This is also an important contribution to counteracting climate change, to introduce children and young people interactively from an early age to protect the environment. Families and village communities can also be reached through them.

Success Factor | Hero Moment

An important milestone in this project has been the state accreditation of the solar trainings. This means that its contents are also available to other state educational institutions, which will in future be able to offer young people training as solar technicians as well.

Jugend Eine Welt - Don Bosco Aktion Österreich, Austria

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Austrian Development Agency

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