Murau World of Wood Energy Camp

Education & Capacity Building

A conference format for people from business, politics and youth

Project Facts


Project Volume
10.000-100.000 EUR

Applied Financing Solutions
Grants, Public Revenues, Other

Project Dates
Start: 2015
In operation since/from: 2015

The Story

In 2015 the idea arose to develop a very special conference format in Murau/Austria. Primarily young people should be interested in the topic of the future of energy and low-threshold access to a conference with top-class speakers should be created. Another important component was the involvement of the population and the confirmation of the correctness of the path taken by Murau (the district of Murau produces three times as much electricity as it consumes). The energy camp is intended to be an interface between regionally built knowledge in the field of renewable energy and knowledge of experts and young interested people. The program of the energy camp is based on classic lectures and active discussion formats. The participants are actively involved in the discussion formats and the results of these are taken into account, among other things, in the conceptual phase for the subsequent energy camp.

Success Factor | Hero Moment

The moment when the government of Styria decided to make the event a flagship project for the whole country.

Climate and Energy Model Region Holzwelt Murau, Austria

Other Involved Stakeholders
The Styrian State Government, Department of climate, environment, energy, regional development

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Hard Facts
120 people are benefitting directly