The world's first animal-free, dairy whey protein

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United States
Los Angeles

Project Volume
25-50 Mio. EUR

Applied Financing Solutions
Private Equity, Results-Based Financing

The Story

A sustainable future for sports nutrition.
California Performance Co. is transforming the way the world does sports nutrition with the first animal-free, dairy whey protein. Proving that high performance and low environmental impact can work together, the team at California Performance Co. is here to power your workouts, while protecting our planet. The goal has been to create products that deliver the highest quality, dairy nutrition – with less environmental impact. Animalfree whey cuts out the greenhouse gases emitted by livestock – a significant contributor to the climate crisis. Compared to traditional production methods, the production process reduces the water demand and greenhouse gas emissiosn by at least 91 %. California Performance Co. also makes sure the rest of our production processes are as sustainable as possible.

Success Factor | Hero Moment

The product outperforms every standard whey protein in the market in terms of bio-availability to the body through a superior amino-acid profile as well as taste; and obviously the lower environmental impact.

California Performance Co., United States

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