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Political, financial and in-kind support for indigenous peoples protecting the rain forest

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Rio Negro Region

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Start: 1993
In operation since/from: 1993

The Story

The livelihoods of local communities living in and from natural forests – particularly the indigenous peoples of Latin America – depend strongly on intact environments and are specifically vulnerable to land degradation and climate change. These communities contribute greatly to the preservation and restoration of forest ecosystems, e.g. through traditional agroforestry, beekeeping or fish farming. Understanding and support for indigenous lifestyles and rights are therefore an important factor in the global efforts to stop climate change.

The Climate Alliance Austria (Klimabündnis Österreich), being actively engaged in a long-running partnership with indigenous organizations in the Brazilian Rio Negro region, has been working since the early 1990s to sensitize and connect hundreds of cities, municipalities, schools and enterprises across Austria with indigenous people from South America. In line with the motto “think global, act local”, constant communication and regular exchange has strengthened understanding for the other cultures and for the interconnections between rainforest destruction and consumer behavior. In addition, the partners on site have been receiving political, financial and in-kind support to safeguard indigenous land rights, culture and lifestyles – and thereby to foster biodiversity, food security, sustainable resource management and political participation.

Success Factor | Hero Moment

Key success factors for the Rio Negro Partnership are direct contact and exchange on an equal footing, respect and appreciation of the indigenous culture, the focus on institutional strengthening of indigenous organizations, and the long-term support which enables planning security.

Klimabündnis Österreich, Austria

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Hard Facts
35.000 people are benefitting directly