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Start: 2020 | End: 2023

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HALLMANN HOLDING - again Leading Partner of the AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT in 2022 - and its property developer, SÜBA AG, have decades of experience in the industry and form a strong partnership. The Group's core objective is to create high-quality living space planned according to sustainable criteria. A further goal of SÜBA AG is to avoid the use of fossil fuels for heating in all current and future projects. New technologies such as the use of geothermal energy, building component activation, photovoltaics, wind power and intermediate energy storage (in various combinations, depending on the project) make it possible to control the temperature of residential buildings with a minimal energy input. This reduces energy consumption, leads to significantly lower operating costs and increases the quality of life of each individual user.

SÜBA currently has sustainable real estate projects under development with around 500.000 m² of net floor space, with a total volume of over two billion euros. Of this, around 320.000 m² is residential space; this corresponds approximately around 5.000 apartments that will be complete in the next few years.

Currently, a milestone for ecological construction is being planned: A urban plus-energy-quarter with a gross floor area of 34.000 m² (living + commercial spaces) will be built in Pilzgasse in Floridsdorf, Vienna, in cooperation with the City of Vienna. Based on the "Productive City" concept adopted by the City of Vienna in 2017, the site in Pilzgasse not only impresses with innovative construction and energy technology, but also with a zoning as a "mixed commercial area". This is intended to create sufficient space for Vienna's businesses in the city's core areas and thus strengthen the business location.

Positive energy balance thanks to comprehensive, sustainable energy concept

Thanks to a highly efficient building envelope, building component activation by heat pumps, a ventilation concept and a ground probe field with approx. 110 boreholes of 200 m each as well as around 3,000 m² of photovoltaic modules, district-based more green energy is produced than is consumed. The surplus can be fed into the power grid.

"With our green building concept, we want to make our contribution as a responsible real estate developer on the way to a climate-neutral Austria. The focus for us is on creating green and energy-efficient apartments. In Austria's first urban plus-energy-quarter, we are combining these in a modern way with commercial space, especially for manufacturing companies, which also have a special significance for the city's future-oriented economic development," says Klemens Hallmann, founder and owner of HALLMANN HOLDING.

In addition, the systematic incorporation of alternative energy systems in real estate construction significantly reduces operating costs for future residents. The result is a showcase project in terms of climate-friendly construction, which not only sensibly combines residential, commercial, office and climate protection, but also benefits the urban energy supply.

The project is scheduled for completion at the end of 2023.

Success Factor | Hero Moment

Following role model Arnold Schwarzenegger, Klemens Hallmann also recognized the importance to become active for a climate-friendly future. Since then, the HALLMANN HOLDING has been guided by the principle of combining affordable housing with sustainable building concepts.

HALLMANN HOLDING International Investment GmbH, Austria

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