endlos fesch


The Vienna fashion library

Project Facts


Project Volume
10.000-100.000 EUR

Applied Financing Solutions

Project Dates
Start: 2016
In operation since/from: 2017

The Story

Who has never experienced the following: The closet is full of clothes and yet the perfect piece for one special moment is missing.

Whether the romantic dinner, Sunday brunch with your best friend, the office meeting or simply a cultural evening at the theater – Endlos fesch always has a piece of clothing that fits. Fashionistas long for an infinite wardrobe. They love variety and the latest trends. But this is how we strain nature far beyond its threshold. If everyone were to consume as many resources as we Austrians, we would need three planets, according to the WWF's “Living Planet Report”. So how can we limit our consumption and preserve the earth for future generations without sacrificing our own happiness?

By not only learning to consume less, but also to consume smarter. endlos fesch helps us with this. The concept of the fashion library allows us to fully enjoy our soft spot for fashion while keeping our ecological footprint small. We don't have to own everything. We can also share and borrow. This is how we can save the world and always be well dressed, no matter the weather.

Success Factor | Hero Moment

The numerous requests for interviews feeding into newspaper and magazine articles, TV reports as well as radio shows and podcasts have proven to them that the timing is right for the business to thrive. The more Viennese are aware of the service offer, the more sustainable becomes their shared wardrobe and without mass media, it is quite difficult to spread the word and make people aware of the business.

This journey peaked when the CEO was invited to a TV discussion at prime time (ORF TALK 1), together with other high-level speakers, to raise awareness for their business model and the positive impact it can have on reducing individual's ecological footprint.


Karissima GmbH, Austria

Other Involved Stakeholders
48er Tandler; LadenKonzept; local designers such as MaMaMu, Tutu Vienna, die rote Zora, Dana Dinu, IamYou, Charactre, Irina Hofer, violettsays, MarS, Puppa Design

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Innovation, Sharing Economy

Terminated Emissions
675 tons CO2e per year

Comparable to the annual CO2 absorption of
5.400 trees

Hard Facts
240 people are benefitting directly
€ 37.125 Annual cost savings per year