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Association to support safety and speed in urban cycling

Project Facts

St. Pölten

Project Dates
Start: 2022
In operation since/from: 2024

The Story

The UCA - Urban Cycling Academy - aims to help kids, teens and the young at heart get around town both faster and safer on their bikes. A team of experienced bike messengers and now cycling instructors teach these skills as they know through years of practice how to manoeuvre between cars, rails, trucks and pedestrians as quickly as possible and without crashing or falling. At the same time, it is the UCA's concern to instil safety in and joy of cycling in the students, so that they will continue to choose the bicycle as their main means of transport in the future - regardless of the season and terrain.

Success Factor | Hero Moment

UCA was able to find a sponsor for their project immediately, which shows that the topic of safe cycling is of enormous importance - even more so in the context of sustainable and climate-friendly transport.

uca.rocks, Austria

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