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The vision of a European superfast train network

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Project Dates
Start: 2010

The Story

METROPA was designed to give people a glance of how public transportation in Europe could look like in some decades. As central style element the imagery of a metro network has been chosen, a well-known illustration. In this illustration, Europe is shown as an entity, like a city or municipal area, which is connected by an overall rail network, connecting all regions and cultures. The trains transporting people with superfast trains, turning inner-european aviation obsolete and making the "City of Europe" the most innovative part of the world, when it comes to climate friendly personal transport.

METROPA is the blueprint of a new era of european unity, technology, economy and politics. The more people know about this vision, the more the pressure on the decision makers will grow and makes them think about the necessity of new concepts of traffic - the time of motorized transportation and aviation is over.

Success Factor | Hero Moment

2019 – a renowned Professor of Europe-Science used the graphic for her new book. She already spread the word on social media- Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn etc.-where it has been intensely discussed, shared and liked. About the same time, the metropa-website went online.

March 2020 – the Sueddeutsche Zeitung printed METROPA in its weekend-issue (120000 copies) which triggered an enormous feedback. The posters and t-shirts ran out in the online-shop, and there were many requests for interviews and reprints, since then.

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