Atmove – Biomethane Mobility for Brazil

Mobility & Transport Energy Forests & Biodiversity

Innovation for small and medium farmers using residuals from agriculture as fuel and fertilizer

Project Facts

Itaipu, Foz do Iguaçu

Project Volume
1-5 Mio. EUR

Applied Financing Solutions
Grants, Private Equity

Project Dates
Start: 2014
In operation since/from: 2015

The Story

In Brazil, Atmove works on biogas-based energy and mobility solutions for rural areas to drastically reduce the dependence on fossil fuels. Agricultural residues are used to produce biogas which is upgraded to a 100% renewable fuel (bio-methane), in order to help cooperatives and municipalities to reduce their waste problems, fuel costs and emissions while being economically feasible. The main focus is to develop sustainable and scalable solutions tailored to the needs of Brazilian farmers.

In cooperation with the Brazilian partner Itaipu-PTI (CIBiogás) and Austrian and Brazilian Universities, Atmove created an innovation hub to “tropicalize” Austrian and European technology in the field of biogas production, methanation and mobility.

In addition, CH4pa – a biomethane tractor – was constructed under the aspects of frugal innovation and efficiency which is in use as a prototype on site. The biogas-based truck not only brings massive cost savings for farmers, it also serves as an important model for follow-up projects.

Success Factor | Hero Moment

Specific attention needed to be paid to the adjustment of pre-developed technologies to local (e.g. environmental) conditions, such as humidity or drifting sand, etc. – often termed “tropicalization” – as well as to the interplay of different technologies. The intensive exchange of knowledge with universities in Brazil and Austria contributed significantly to this.

Spirit Design GmbH, Austria

Other Involved Stakeholders
atmove GmbH, Itaipu-PTI (CIBiogás)

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