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Insects – Sustainable and future oriented protein source

Project Facts

Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Netherlands

Project Volume
1-5 Mio. EUR

Applied Financing Solutions
Private Equity

Project Dates
Start: 2011
In operation since/from: 2016

The Story

The conditions for agriculture will continue to deteriorate globally. Rising temperatures, droughts, flooding, depleted arable land, erosion and soil infertility is progressing. Overfishing of the oceans, high use of antibiotics in animal production, methane emissions and clearing of rainforest for animal feed poses a great threat for humans and nature. In addition, most alternative protein and meat substitutes are highly processed and often nutritionally unbalanced. At the same time, the world population is growing rapidly. Soon there will be nine billion of people living on our planet. The western world has to rethinking its food habits.

Since the emergence of humankind, insects have been a nutritious and important source of protein and the ideal supplement to plant nutrition. Humans therefore tolerate insects extremely well. The production and processing of insects is much more resource saving compared to other animal protein sources. Insects are the most natural and sustainable animal protein source and have the potential to drastically reduce emissions.

As first mover in Austria ZIRP has been working on “insects for food” since 2011. They build up the necessary know-how that this new market demands and an extensive network as well as strong partnerships. Thanks to steadily increasing media attention, they have established a loyal customer base.

Success Factor | Hero Moment

The USP of ZIRP is not only the new “For Future” line (“Eat for Future”, “Protein for Future”), to position themselves as a sustainable, visionary company. They are concerned with the big picture: making a positive impact on the environment and on human health. Few years ago, many people had a disbelief in the topic; a rethinking is now clearly noticeable because climate change has moved into people’s consciousness. As a result, the demand for sustainable nutrition will continue to rise in the coming years.

ZIRP Insects GmbH, Austria

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