Acticell Laser Booster

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Environmentally friendly bleaching of jeans by boosting laser power

Project Facts


Applied Financing Solutions
Grants, Private Equity

Project Dates
Start: 2015
In operation since/from: 2019

The Story

As a result of the sand blasting scandal in the early 2010s the denim industry was forced to improve its production techniques. Over the past decade therefore laser technology became the new state of the art to create the fashionable used look on jeans. In 2015 it was the idea of the Acticell team to develop tailor-made chemicals for this process and combine it with environmentally friendly and safe solutions.

The result led to increased productivity and the elimination of all hazardous chemicals used during this process step. Acticell teamed up with leading chemical suppliers and through their projects the world’s biggest brands are implementing the technology in their production recipes now. This not only saves water and environmentally harmful chemicals, but also improves working conditions in the textile industry.

Success Factor | Hero Moment

Sustainability becomes powerful when it leads to improved production methods, decreased costs and added value to the product and the consumer. The moment Acticell was able to provide a product that featured these characteristics, it got the attention of all the important players in the market, which ultimately led to the breakthrough of the start-up.

Acticell GmbH, Austria

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